North Yorkshire Council Response to Examination Note 1

Pannal and Burn Bridge Neighbourhood Plan Examination

North Yorkshire Council Response to Examination Note 1 (dated 7 August 2023)

10 August 2023

1 Examination documents

1.1 Section 2 of Examination Note 1 (EN1) deals with how the examiner will access examination documents. It also states:

It would be also helpful, if not already done, if the local planning authority could confirm the adopted development plan and any saved policies. In addition if there are any emerging development plans, details of the stages reached and future programmes would be appreciated. In both cases, please direct me to relevant parts of your website or let me know how I can access the documents that you identify.

1a Adopted development plan

1.2 The Pannal and Burn Bridge neighbourhood area lies within the Harrogate area of North Yorkshire where, until 31 March 2023, the local planning authority was the former Harrogate Borough Council. Following local government re-organisation on 1 April 2023 the local planning authority is now North Yorkshire Council.

1.3 The adopted development plan for the Harrogate area of North Yorkshire comprises:

1.4 The following neighbourhood plans also form part of the adopted development plan for the Harrogate area, however, provisions within these plans do not relate to the Pannal and Burn Bridge neighbourhood area. You can view further information, including links to documents, on adopted (made) neighbourhood plans in the Harrogate area.

  • Our Otley Neighbourhood Plan 2018-2028 (adopted 2020)
  • Ripon Neighbourhood Plan to 2030 (adopted 2019)
  • Roecliffe and Westwick Neighbourhood Plan 2019-2032 (adopted 2022)

1b Emerging plans

1.5 A new local plan will be prepared for North Yorkshire; the intention being to have this in place within five years of the start of the new Council. On adoption the new local plan will replace all existing local plans, including the Harrogate District Local Plan 2014-2035. Work on the new local plan is currently at a very early stage.

1.6 Work on a local development scheme (LDS) that will set out the key milestones for plan preparation is currently underway. Further information on the approach to plan making in North Yorkshire is available via:

1.7 The Council is also preparing a New Settlement (Maltkiln) DPD. Although relevant to the Harrogate area of North Yorkshire, the DPD plan area does not include any parts of the Pannal and Burn Bridge neighbourhood area. Regulation 19 was completed in November 2022 and the Harrogate District Local Development Scheme (2021) timetables Submission for Winter 2022.

1.8 However following Regulation 19 the Council has been notified that some of the land previously available and included in the proposed new settlement boundary has now been withdrawn and is no longer available for development. As a result, submission of the proposed DPD to the Secretary of State for independent examination has been paused while options for the DPD are considered. Further information on preparation of the DPD is available in the New settlement development plan document.

1.9 Within the whole North Yorkshire Council planning authority area around 25 neighbourhood areas have been designated and neighbourhood plan preparation is underway. In addition to Pannal and Burn Bridge, the neighbourhood areas listed below are within the Harrogate area. Provisions within these plans would not relate to the Pannal and Burn Bridge neighbourhood area. Further information on these emerging neighbourhood plans is available on the Neighbourhood planning in the Harrogate district page.

  • Dishforth
  • Knaresborough
  • Masham
  • Spofforth with Stockeld
  • Kirkby Malzeard, Laverton and Dallowgill
  • Staveley and Copgrove

2 The qualifying body’s opportunity to respond to Regulation 16 representations

2.1 Section 4 of EN1 explains that the Parish Council should be given an opportunity to comment on all or any of the representations received by North Yorkshire Council during the Regulation 16 consultation. It goes on to ask:

If the Parish Council has not yet been afforded this opportunity, please let me now so it can be actioned.

2.2 I can confirm that the Parish Council was invited to respond to any of the issues raised in the representations received, and a response has been prepared and submitted to the local planning authority. The response is available to view on the Pannal and Burn Bridge neighbourhood plan. The response has also been submitted to the Examiner, further details in email dated 4 August 2023.