Primary school dinner menu

Day Week 1 - Served week commencing 2 Sept, 23 Sept, 14 Oct, 14 Nov, 2 Dec, 6 Jan and 27 Jan Week 2 - Served week commencing 9 Sept, 30 Sept, 21 Oct, 18 Nov, 9 Dec, 13 Jan and 3 Feb Week 3 - Served week commencing 16 Sept, 7 Oct, 4 Nov, 25 Nov, 16 Dec, 20 Jan and 10 Feb

Sausage roll (vegan)
Cheese wheel (vegetarian)

Baked baby potatoes
Baked beans
Crusty bread

Chocolate biscuit bar (vegan)

Pizza (vegetarian)
Mexican veg burrito (vegan)

Potato wedges
Peas and sweetcorn

Chocolate brownie (vegetarian)

Chicken nuggets

Veggie burger (vegan)

Diced potatoes
Vegetable sticks
Homebaked 50/50 bread

Autumn fruit muffin (vegetarian)


Chicken Korma
Sweet and sour (vegan)

50/50 Rice
Broccoli and green beans

Naan bread

Autumn crumble sponge and custard (vegetarian)

Curried chicken ride
Pasta bake (vegetarian)

Carrots and broccoli

Crusty bread

Sticky toffee pudding and custard (vegetarian)

Creamy cheesy tomato pasta (vegetarian)
BBQ Rice (Vegan)

Medley of vegetables
Homebaked garlic bread

Iced berry bun (vegan)


Sausage and Yorkshire pudding
Vegetable nuggets and Yorkshire pudding (vegetarian)

Roast potatoes
Carrots and broccoli
Sliced wholemeal bread

Jelly and ice-cream (vegetarian)

Minced beef pie
Broccoli cheese bake (vegetarian)

Mashed potatoes
Medley of vegetables
Homebaked 50/50 bread

Flapjack (vegan)

Roast gammon
Veggie sausage (vegan)

Mashed potato
Peas and sweetcorn
Sliced wholemeal bread

Lemon drizzle cookie (vegan)


Spaghetti Bolognese
Shepard's pie (vegetarian)

Medley of vegetables
Homebaked garlic flatbread (vegetarian)

Cheese and biscuit (vegetarian)

Pork meatballs in a tomato sauce with pasta
Sweet potato and veg curry and 50/50 rice (vegan)

Green beans and sweetcorn
Homebaked garlic bread (vegetarian)

Jammy shortbread (vegan)

Nacho beef bake
Quesadilla (vegetarian)

Vegetable rice
Carrots and green beans

Chocolate fudge pudding with vanilla sauce (vegetarian)


Battered fish
Sweet potato bake (vegetarian)

Peas and sweetcorn
Homebaked 50/50 bread

Banoffee mousse pot (vegetarian)

Fish star with chips
Cheesy bean loaded potato skins (vegetarian)

Sweetcorn and peas
Crusty bread 

Chocolate orange mousse cake (vegetarian)

Fish fingers
Chilli pitta (vegetarian)

Mixed salad and grated carrot
Homebaked sunflower seed bread

Oat cookie and cheese (vegetarian)