Parish council results May 2022

View the parish council results from May 2022.

You can see the May 2022 parish council election results for each area below.

Selby area results


Parish elections: The total number of votes cast for the Cridling Stubbs parish council election is 93, a turnout of 65%. Selby Town Council (North Ward) votes 962, a turnout of 21%. Selby Town Council (South Ward) votes 874, a turnout of 20%. Thorganby votes 119, a turnout of 40%.

 Selby (South) Parish Council Ward

Sue Andrew (Labour) 495 votes, Thomas Beharrell (Green) 381 votes, Holly Davis (Labour) 395, Melanie Davis (Labour) 399, Craig Laskey (Labour) 333, Wendy Nichols (Labour) 403, Jack Proud (Labour) 489. Sue Andrew, Thomas Beharrell, Holly Davis, Melanie Davis, Wendy Nichols and Jack Proud are elected to five seats on the parish council.

Thorganby Parish Council

Michael Baker 73 votes, Jonathan Beckerlegge 73 votes, David Clegg 65 votes, Stephen Fell 71 votes, Betty Garnham 80 votes, Caroline Hadlington 81 votes, Tracey Read 78 votes, Sarah Rigby 93 votes, Alex Ruston 77 votes, Rob Worthington 95 votes. Michael Baker, Jonathan Beckerlegge, Stephen Fell, Betty Garnham, Caroline Hadlington, Tracey Read, Sarah Rigby, Alex Ruston, Rob Worthington were elected.

Cridling Stubbs Parish Council

Mel Blackburn 31 votes, Cherry Bullimore 40 votes, Rod Copley 65 votes, Jackie Howarth 42 votes, Jenny Howarth 44, Ian Phillips 30, Lorna Phillips31, Simon Riley (Ind),43 Janet Senior 39. Cherry Bullimore, Rod Copley, Jackie Howarth, Jenny Howarth and Simon Riley elected to five seats on the parish council.

Selby (North) Parish Council Ward

Carol Crutchley (Green) 379 votes, Keith Franks (Labour) 550 votes, Richard Harrison (Labour) 523 votes, George Lockley (Labour) 521 votes, Fred Matthews (Labour) 608 votes, Steven Shaw-Wright (Labour) 572 votes. Keith Franks, Richard Harrison, George Lockley, Fred Matthews, Steven Shaw-Wright are elected to five seats on the parish council.